Welcome to my portfolio of photographs.

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"A Career in Hospitality" published in December 2012 available from any Amazon website;

This is essential reading for any one starting a career in or considering a change of career to the hospitality industry. This is an insight to how much fun you can have while working, meeting amazing people, incredible experiences and the ability to travel around the world on the job if you so wish.

"Angels & Entrepreneurs" published 26 October 2011 available on www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com;

This is essential reading for any Entrepreneur considering raising funds from an Angel investor and anyone considering Angel investing and the tax benefits for the first time.

"Life's Hop, Skip and a Jump" published 2008 available on www.lulu.com or, all links are on my links page.

This book outlines the most amazing experiences while travelling aroung the world, the amazing people met and the jump from the corporate ladder to entrepreneurship.

I have 6,000 photographs here out of a library of over 43,000 shot during my travels over 50 years.

My passion is to travel with my camera, photographing the people and places of many cutures which I started doing in the 1960's. Prior to this at the age of approximately five, my father bought me a very small film minature camera that has probably led to my interest in Photography, although this did not kick off until I started visiting other countries.

Technology now allows me to publish my photographs for those interested to explore my website. I am happy to provide electronic copies or A4 hard prints for your use.